In 2012, I made a clock based on the Monty Python sketch "The Ministry of Silly Walks". I posted a photo of my clock on Tumblr, and only a short while later I was overwhelmed by the response by people who loved the clock. I just couldn't keep up with answering e-mails and questions, yet I didn't want to ignore those who liked what I had done. Therefore I decided to write a tutorial that answered as many of the questions as possible, and allowed others to make clocks as well.

There was much information to be shared, which is why I dedicated an entire blog to it. I also love seing the clocks others have made. All in all, this blog encompasses everything that has to do with the Silly Walks clock I made, how to make it, and clocks other people have made.

I hope you like it, and good luck with making a clock yourself :).