Other People's Silly Clocks

Here I add all the silly clocks that other people have made from my tutorial over the years. I'm very happy any time someone uses my clock as inspiration for their own, but I have stopped taking submissions for this page due to lack of time. But enjoy the clocks that are here!

Alkistis made this clock:

Theun made a digital version with JavaScript. See it here!

Céline's silly clock:

This is Robert's clock:

Zrinka made this:

Paraskevi's clock:

James made this:

This is Violet's clock:

Brook made this, and describes the process as follows: "I just bought a clock, printed on paper, and then, with some careful cutting, overlaid the appropriate bits."

This clock was made by Elizabeth:

Carl made this:

A lovely clock by Johannes:

By Maureen:

This was made by Kasia:

Dougal made this colourful clock:

Dan was given this clock for Christmas:

This clock is by Sarah:

Valerie made this:

This one is by Ana:

A clock by Lisa:

This clock was made by Patrick:

A clock by Nadège Marin:

This was made by Leo Antunes, and you can find instructions on his blog here:

This one is by Wagner:

This is by Paul: 

This is by Ben: 

And Hans-Peter made a digital(!) version: